How will the expansion of the College Football Playoff affect the facelift?

College Football Playoff CEOs Take Over as it should be It was as if they hadn’t gotten to this point. In this case, the president and prime minister overseeing the game were unhappy with their own convention committees for allowing the expansion process to turn into a small dispute.

College Football

PCP has a lot of money. but little chance A lot of people talk about the country’s second most popular sport dwindling to regional play.

The SEC has won 12 of its last 16 national championships. It sucked up the two best teams in the Big 12 (Texas and Oklahoma) in what turned out to be a motion-based move. The Big Ten was followed by USC and UCLA from the Pac-12.

Consolidation has never been in the history of games with the best brands and programs in games concentrated in such a small space. (Two meetings at the top of the game) The SEC and Big Ten not only monopolize money, audience, and talent. They also monopolize the game.

Lastly, this is not good. Finally, the president decides that all of this is not good enough.

The 11 CFP presidents took decisive action on Friday. By unanimous vote to expand the four-team group to 12 at the latest, starting in 2026, they did what the commissioner didn’t: agree.

“What motivates the president and me too “Our goal is that we need to get more opportunities to participate in our nation’s national championships,” said Mississippi CFP Board Chair Mark Kenan. We feel it is unfair for our student-athletes.”

It is unfair to the fans that the commissioners are still dragging the process out. Four of the Power Five’s board positions have new labels as of 2020, with three of them – Jim Phillips of ACC, George Kliavkoff of Pac-12, and Kevin Warren of the Big Ten – voted “no” to expand in January because they were worried about the growing SEC influence.

So Warren places his Big Ten on his own expensive island in a massive TV deal that leaves everyone behind when the “alliance” dissipates after the Big Ten pursues the superpowers. Two Pac-12 powers. Changing the rest of the points became easy when the big man threatened to keep the field at four.

The strength of the NCAA tournament is its national appeal, with 68 slots and automatic qualifiers playing in the final week of the regular season. It covers the whole country and sprinkles on a Cinderella team that can run deep. The PCP needs a national appeal.

The president decided that the game could not resist the rich. (Emphasis on two meetings), relegation and relegation from the rest of the country’s college football. The west coast is not exempt. (Mostly because of the Pac-12 itself.) Half of the sports (groups of five) are later virtual experiences. There was enough to cover the knees of team robbery. Commander’s Crime Among Friends

revenue sharing is coming Perhaps even unions, names, appearances, and similarities already apply to sports. People don’t understand, the CEO is fed up with it.

“It’s [Power Two] and all the others,” AAC commissioner Mike Aresco said, referring to the SEC and Big Ten. “It’s obvious.”

If the president doesn’t slow down and increase access to the semifinals. Congress may have started sniffing out monopoly, so we have teams competing for the national championship triple. The playoffs themselves went from three games to 11.

For the first time ever, an FBS game of the season will be played on campus. The ever-threatened Rose Bowl looks set to fit in well with the 12 teams. God bless former Big 12 commander Bob Bowlsby, who had long predicted 12 teams. There will be another 30-35 teams vying for the play-off spot at the beginning of November each year. compared to a third of that number or less.

This will increase interest. that unites the country It’s time for college football to come together.

“This strengthens the value of the regular season,” Kenam said. “I have full confidence in commissions to work with together. I believe they need advice from the board. Now they can.”

See how expanding the CFP field to 12 teams will change the future of the sport.

income distribution
This is the next biggest event for the University’s Conference Directors and Chancellors. Several sources have told CBS Sports it will have to determine how fair compensation is for the meeting. This was the last task performed when the CFP started in 2014.

Basically, whatever weight the SEC and Big Ten throw into the room will be a big factor. they will get money But the remaining eight meetings

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